When is foliage prime for viewing ?

Mid-October through early November is the best time for Eureka Springs’ fabulous colors—from yellows and greens to reds and oranges.

When is “peak foliage” time?

It’s always difficult to pinpoint exactly as “peak foliage” is a very narrow window, and many factors including the weather impact the timing and duration of the foliage season as well as the brightness of colors. As a general rule of thumb, the most brilliant colors of “peak foliage” are visible around the middle of October through the first or second week of November.

Where can I best view foliage in Eureka Springs?

You’ll see beautiful foliage around every corner. Many trees peak at different times throughout the Ozarks terrain.

How does foliage change?

The weather plays a large role in determining the foliage season. A wet spring, cooler summer and cool nights and warm days in the fall typically make for a spectacular leaf-peeping season. The oak and maple trees are usually shades of red while the elm, poplar, hickory, and redbud always turn hues of gold and yellow.

What if I want to book a trip to view the foliage?

October is generally the busiest time of year in Eureka Springs. Our lodging properties often fill up early—especially on the weekends. If you have flexibility in your travel schedule, midweek rates tend to be lower. Lodging availability can be limited on holiday weekends. Calling in advance to make reservations at restaurants and lodging is highly encouraged.